Milo by RoboKind™

Meet Milo!

Hamilton County ESC has partnered with RoboKind™ to make available Milo – the facially expressive humanoid robot that engages students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Milo utilizes the Robots4Autism™ social skills curriculum to deliver evidence based strategies such as modeling, video modeling, prompting, social narratives, visual supports, and technology aided instruction and intervention.




Standing two feet tall, Milo is specifically designed to be interesting and approachable for learners with ASD. He walks, talks and even models human facial expressions. Milo never gets frustrated or tired. He consistently delivers lessons in a way that learners with ASD respond to. This recurring positive experience creates an environment in which learners are engaged with him and the lesson at rates as high as 90% as compared to 3% with humans. Milo allows students to learn and thrive.

The Social Skills Curriculum

Developed by top autism researchers and practitioners, Milo delivers the Robots4Autism™ curriculum which helps learners aged 5-50 years old, who meet the prerequisite skills, improve their social and behavioral skills and gain the confidence they need to succeed academically and socially. Milo can deliver more than 100 scaffolded lessons in four key areas: identifying and demonstrating emotions, conversational skills, situational events, and calming down strategies. View the Robots4Autism™ scope and sequence.

The Interaction between Milo and the Learner

Milo delivers lessons verbally. As he speaks, symbols are displayed on his chest screen that will help your learner better understand what he is saying. Throughout the lessons, Milo will ask your learner to watch four to five second video clips on the student tablet. The videos show learners displaying the skills or behaviors both correctly and incorrectly that Milo is teaching. Your learner will be asked “yes” or “no” questions to determine if the learners in the video are doing the behaviors right or wrong. Every student response is automatically recorded to the web portal for easy data collection.

Benefits from using Milo and the Robots4Autism™ Curriculum

  • Designed around the academic and mechanical strengths of individuals with ASD
  • Quick engagement
  • Intrinsically motivates children to learn
  • Simple for facilitator and learner to use
  • Consistently delivered lessons – robots do not get frustrated!
  • Produces observable increases in eye contact, body language and friendliness
  • Documents and records sessions for later review and inclusion in IEPs

Are you ready to meet Milo?

Contact Teresa Clevidence, Intervention and Support Services Supervisor for Hamilton County ESC at or 513.674.4568 today for additional information and pricing.


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