Core Word Stamps


6 Core Word Stamps: stop, go, like, not, want, different.

Each block is 2”x 2” x 1”

Includes zippered storage bag.

Limit 1 set per order.

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Welcome to the world of playing with core!

Two school-based speech-language pathologists needed additional ways to enliven their therapy while still providing meaningful and natural opportunities for communication; hence the Core Word Stamps came to fruition!

Core Word Stamps provide a fun sensory experience for children to engage in play, communication, and language exploration.

  • This set of 6 Core Word Stamps includes: stop, go, like, not, want, different.
  • Each 2”x 2” x 1” block is durable and made to withstand hours and hours of play.
  • They work best when pressed into modeling clay, dough, and other impressionable materials.
  • Includes a zippered pouch for storage.

Hours of fun while providing hours of meaningful communication opportunities with Core Word Stamps!

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